Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Connected Universe

Just how connected are we becoming?

I spent last Friday driving across the state of Minnesota, on an all too familiar trek from Thief River Falls to Grand Rapids to Princeton. Friday night, I went to the Wild game and was able to be in contact with our Business Manager, Apple Rep and Purchaser to finish off a $1.4 million 1:! purchase. I'd say intertwined is a better word for it.

As much as I'd like to say I was able to do everything on my iPhone, comparing spreadsheets required a little wifi time and rather than burn up the data plan on my iPhone hotspot, my daughter and I stopped off at the first available MickeyDee's on our journey. The deal had several logistical issues and a plethora of paperwork policies prudently placed by both parties, perpetrated a prolonged passage of posts with properly placed pieces to perfect the plan. Proudly the product of this pursuit was put to bed over a very HAPPY meal (not to be confused with the Happy Meal that no longer comes in a box apparently). PO's were emailed and acknowledgements were sent. Coordinated between four different location in near real-time and pushing us forward and one step closer to 1:! for the kids of our community.

There was more...as I was chauffeured to the game by #2 (2nd son Carl) and got to know the backseat of my Mazda (not as small as some have said...but rush hour traffic and my admittedly poor riding skills didn't help the relaxation from the backseat) I was able to check email and find that the order was put on hold for some delivery questions. Which, I was able to reply to and keep the process rolling all while backseat driving and delivering Siri inspired navigation instructions to the X.

How would this have been accomplished 5 years ago? It would have waited 4 days before emails could have been answered and replies sent and phone calls made between meetings...I like the connected universe...do you?

I think it's safe to say the largest purchase ever made at the Aitkin McDonald's was the product of our connected universe and a committed community, district, administration, staff, teachers and students that deserve the best educational opportunities regardless of location, demographic or economic status. Keep Pushing Forward....Our Kids Are!

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