Friday, April 12, 2013

Keep Pushing Forward....Our Kids Are the Swinter Version

For those of you who usually escape the wonderful winters we have in Minnesota I'm certainly glad that you are able to experience a nostalgic trip back in time to see what winter is like while you're snow-birding in Arizona, Texas, Florida or any other place than here. 

But enough is enough...I've long since passed the cabin fever of most winters and am now oblivious to whatever form of coldy, rainy, snowy, sleety, gray-y, browny, dirty, frozeny, slippery, shivery, gloomy day greets me as I head to the car.

So today marks the start of Fantabulous Friday's...each Friday from now on, my blog post will be nothing but a positive, pontification of perfectly, pleasing pleasantries to the point of almost...(insert losing your lunch phrase of choice here).

What else can one do...complaining only seems to bring down more wrath from the weather gods. Grumbling about it only makes me Google the grumpy cat to find solace in surliness. Planning anything of outdoor significance leads to disappointment, and an ugly form of shiver dancing (which did get me on TV at the 4/3 Twins Game). So, I will be greeting every Friday from here on out with weather blinders on. If it's raining cats and dogs, I'll whip out my iPhone and take pictures that someone somewhere on Twitter, Facebook, or the Interweb will find almost as amazing as I do.

So welcome to Fantabulous Friday's! Read the blog on Friday as the gospel truth...or as a sarcastic salute to Minnesota Swinter (spring and winter combined for those in Hawaii) how you choose to take it is up to you!

Keep Pushing Forward....Our Kids Are (and it's a good thing because who else is gonna push you out of the ditch when you slide off the ice covered roadways)

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