Sunday, April 7, 2013

What the heck is a TechSpectation?

Welcome to TechSpectations...a collection of thoughts gleaned from 22 years of working with schools and technology.

At some point or other I've probably been where you are right now, as a parent/student/teacher/coach/administrator and hope to shed some light on where we need to be as information technology (IT) staff in K-12 schools.

Protecting data and students and the network and spam and viruses and printers and the budget is a daunting task. That's a lot of "and's".

I hate to admit it but...I was the over-controlling, lock-everything-down- to-"protect" things Tech Coordinator. At the beginning of the digital revolution, this was needed to get our heads around the globalization and freedom of information.

Then I ran across this post on dangerously!irrelevant and it hit home...who am I working for? How can we educate kids if we aren't exposing them to the temptations they will be faced with when they head off to college, or the workforce? How can we teach them to manage those situations? Isn't it our job to prepare them for what they will face? 5 years ago a student spent more time trying to proxy past the firewall/content filter than they did on their research paper. Were we teaching how to get around the rules or how to manage the temptation of being pinged (or Dinged by those who have been trained by First Class like Pavlov's dog) via email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Notifications from Magic Piano/Subway Surfer and every app written from now on?

In the real world of our kids generation, dealing with these distractions may well be the best skill we can TEACH today. Hence the birth of TechSpectations, a change in my way of thinking about things. Hopefully you will find some things worthwhile or at the least semi-humorous.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog...

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