Wednesday, December 4, 2013

EdCamping in a Blizzard (well any camping in a blizzard)

What happens when a Planned Early Out becomes a Weather Related Early Out?

Just like regular camping...our Hybrid EdCamp-style PD gets postponed and we get a little dejected because we had a great day planned. We had to make some quick adjustments due to 5-8 inches of snow and the ever-present NW Minnesota wind that sent our staff home a little earlier than planned.

At Challenger Elementary and Lincoln High School we postponed our EdCamp-style Show and Grow sessions to our January early out. Staff at Frankiln Middle School were able to use the shortened PD time to share some tips and tricks for integrating iPads in their classrooms.

I'm really jacked-up for the Hybrid EdCamp's...the thought behind this is staff sharing new things they've found useful since the start of our 1:1 program in 2-3 minutes fast paced presentations. Staff will then get to choose which of the presentations they would like more information on and meet with the presenters to brainstorm and apply the tools to their classroom.

At LHS we're doing a 20 Tools in 60 Minutes (a takeoff on the great job @MarkGarrison does with 50 Sites). While at CES we have staff from each grade level presenting a tool/technique in a little longer period then doing what I call "speed dating" training. Staff choose 4 of the presentations and attend a focused 15-20 discussion group on the tool/technique and how it could be used in their classroom. Then rotate to the next tool/technique on their list.

What I really like about these presentations is that most of the presenters at both schools are "new" staffers. We asked our regular Champion's of Technology to step back and challenged other staff members to present. This is great for our regular trainers to get a little time to recharge (not that any of them need it...they are so pushing forward) and other staff to share their successes.

Check back in in January as I will post how this Hybrid EdCamp turns out...barring another 8 inches of snow :)

Thanks for reading, have a great day and Keep Pushing Forward....Our Kids Are!

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